The American Standard® Winning The War Against Heat And Humidity

How much “TAM9” can we do in one day?

Installing a new system while relocating the unit from the attic to the garage in ONE DAY isn’t a job for most companies.

When a loyal customer asked us to do this for him we put all hands on deck to give them the best possible experience.

We were happy to install the brand new American Standard TAM9 – Two Stage unit.

This 2,800 Sq foot home in the North Palm Beach Country Club had been without A/C for a while and was currently 88˚F.

We informed the customer it could take a few days before it completely dehumidified the home and brought the temperature down. We got a call the next morning from the customer informing his house had gone down to 69˚F the same evening and he had to turn his thermostat UP!! He was freezing! WOW!!

Some of the features of the American Standard® TAM9 include:

  • The AccuLink™ Communicating System, allows remote monitoring and programming by phone as well as communicating with other home systems.
  • The unique cabinet for this HVAC air handler that allows less moisture and fewer dust particles to be drawn in from garages, attics and crawl spaces, which helps prevent energy loss and virtually eliminates condensation.
  • Variable-speed air handlers that run quietly and help keep temperatures even from room to room.
  • Feel alot cooler and more comfortable with unwanted humidity from the air being removed by the system.
  • The Vortica™ Advanced airflow System that improves airflow while reducing energy use and operating sound
  • Fully enclosed insulation that increases efficiency while eliminating loose fiberglass insulation in your airstream.
  • All-aluminum coil that enhances this variable-speed air handler’s life and reduces the chance of refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere.

Advanced Cooling and Heating Inc. , Professional installation of all major brands.

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